Tax Planning

Tax Planning

Ease the burden of tax planning

An important element of financial planning is tax planning.

This should not be confused with tax preparation as the terms are not interchangeable. With a tax plan, you’re looking ahead, determining what your taxes are going to look like. Tax preparation is merely compiling the numbers on the taxes you’ve already paid.

A tax plan helps identify available deductions, tax credits, and planning opportunities in order to abate as much tax as legally possible so that we can plan the rest of our finances accordingly. Consequently, tax planning is incorporated into the plans we prepare at HSI.

Family & Individuals

  • Maximizing use of tax deductions
  • Deferral of taxes
  • Income shifting between family members
  • Tax reduction through appropriate investments

Small Business & Corporations

  • Increasing after-tax profits
  • Maximizing dollars drawn from the business
  • Minimizing taxes through the proper structure of the business
  • Analysis of succession plans
  • Income splitting strategies

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