Group Plans

Group RRSP

A Group Registered Retirement Savings Plan (GRSP) and a Defined Contribution Pension Plan (DCPP) provide plan members a simple, convenient and disciplined way to save for retirement while deferring income tax on their contributions and savings growth.

Employees’ contributions are deducted from their taxable income, reducing the income tax they pay.

Income earned within a registered plan is not taxed until the money is withdrawn.  We supply the necessary documents and help your organization every step of the way ensuring that both the employer and employee understand the process and investment options while providing timely, relevant, high-quality advice.  Employees have the option of engaging us to provide personalized financial and retirement planning.

A group registered plan typically offers lower Investment Management Fees compared to individual savings products.  We have access to leading fund managers who are not generally available to individual investors, as well as, a diversified fund line-up.

HSI Utilizes the Following Process:

1. Reviewing your existing group registered savings plan for possible improvements and identifies organizational goal and compensation philosophy in order to determine the best available options for the employer

2. Design and proposes changes to the existing plan, if needed, or creates a new plan

3. Develop a group registered savings plan governance regimen which complies with industry best practices. All plan governance related material will be provided in an organized, easy to follow binder

4. Undertake an extensive comparative analysis with multiple service providers

5. Meeting with the Human Resources Department and/or Company Stakeholders to recommend options and undertake implementation

6. Ensure the service provider implements the plan according to the needs of your group

7. Meeting staff to provide clear explanations of the plan’s features and benefits. Discussing investment choices which allow each employee to develop an investment strategy reflecting his/her unique objectives, risk tolerance and time horizon

8. Continuously educating group members on investment and retirement planning issues through informative communication materials such as email, letters, conference calls and seminars

Why HSI for Group Services

17 years of experience managing Group Programs

Professional program advice, placement and servicing

Cost effective plans that align with Capital Accumulation Plans

Expertise in meeting company and employee needs and objectives

Group Benefits

Insurance companies base rates for group benefits on the value of anticipated claims. At renewal, the company compares actual claims with anticipated claims and can adjust rates up or down. So, maintaining reasonable claim patterns is important for rate stability. To stabilize a company’s claim patterns and rates, HSI consults and collaborates on cost containment strategies to build into your new plan design. Both employer and employee is coached on making them work within their group benefit plan.

HSI Utilizes the Following Process:


1. Reviewing your existing plan design for improvement

2. Surveying the market, analyzing quotes and recommending options

3. Recommending plan changes when necessary

4. Presenting and explaining renewal information promptly

5. Meeting with the Human Resources Department and/or Company Stakeholders for implementation

6. Meeting staff to explain benefits, claim procedures, administration and service

7. Servicing and assisting your administration needs when required

8. Monitoring claims and usage patterns to help keep premiums at reasonable levels

9. Coaching and instructing group members through education and regular assessments on methods to maintain future rate stability

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