Know You Can Podcast

Learn How To Stop Flushing Money Down The Drain with Wesley Forster (Ep. 1)

We don’t know what we don’t know, especially when it comes to our finances.


But, by taking a partnership approach, Wesley Forster and his team at HSI Financial Group can help you make the best financial decisions for yourself and your family, now and in the future.


In this inaugural episode of Your Finances — Know You Can, Wes shares everything you need to know about him. Including how he helps clients comprehend their finances to his experience as a commercial pilot, and his passion for reading, researching, and coaching.


Wes provides you with the rundown you need to get to know him while revealing how he and his dedicated team of financial professionals guide you towards building your ideal financial lifestyle to reach your goals.

Get a Caring & Comfortable Client Experience at HSI Financial Group (Ep. 2)

When it comes to financial planning and creating an estate plan, you don’t know what you don’t know, so let HSI Financial do the searching for you!


At HSI Financial, the team takes a deep dive into their clients’ portfolios to create a perfect plan for them in accordance with their needs.


In this episode, the firm’s president and senior financial strategist, Wes Forster, outlines the process each client goes through when working with HSI Financial to create their financial plan. He explores how the team finds the needle in the haystack for each individual client, along with ways they cater to each of their specific needs.

How to Carefully Pick Your Financial Planner (Ep. 3)

Your investments are the fuel for your trip, but your financial plan is your flight plan. And without that, you don’t know how much fuel or investments you’re going to need.


Say you’ve got the fuel and the plan. But, what about the advisor? Is your financial planner the right person to work with?


When looking for a financial planner, you have to find someone who aligns with your goals and investing expectations. That’s why, this week, HSI Financial’s president and senior financial strategist, Wes Forster, outlines what you should keep in mind when looking for a financial strategist, as well as what to expect from HSI Financial as a client.


What You Should Know About Estate Planning? (Ep. 4)

If you were to die tomorrow, do you have a plan for how your estate would be handled? Who would be your power of attorney? Do you know who gets which assets? What about who pays for any outstanding debts?

Those are the most common questions that are asked to families when a loved one dies.


In this episode of Your Finances — Know You Can, HSI Financial’s president and senior financial strategist, Wes Forster, outlines what an estate plan is, why you should have one, and when is the best time to complete it.


Tax Planner vs Tax Preparer: What You Need To Know with Blake Carruthers, CFP (Ep. 5)

Do you have someone just preparing your taxes, or do you have someone that helps you plan for your taxes?

Most clients are unaware of the amount of money they could be saving and potentially getting back from the government through tax planning.


In this episode of Your Finances — Know You Can, Wes Forster, Sr. Financial Strategist at HSI Financial Group is joined by HSI Financial Group Financial Strategist Blake Carruthers, they discuss the in’s and outs of tax planning and preparing and how HSI Financial Group helps their clients optimize and implement tax savings into their financial plan.



The Best Insurance is The One That’s There When You Need It with Devon Cheema (Ep. 6)

When you were adding insurance to your financial plan, did you complete a detailed needs analysis to ensure that your family’s needs would be addressed?Many insurance companies follow a “one size fits all” framework, but no two people have exactly the same needs when it comes to insurance.


In this episode of Your Finances — Know You Can, Wesley Forster, Sr. Financial Strategist at HSI Financial Group is joined by Devon Cheema, Financial Strategist at HSI Financial Group. They discuss the ins and outs of insurance planning and how it fits in the overall financial plan.



The Array of Benefits Financial Planners Have to Offer with Andrew Owsiak (Ep. 7)

When looking to invest your money, oftentimes people will go to banks as a safe option. What they don’t realize is that they are short changing themselves when it comes to personalized planning if they don’t work with a financial planner.

In this episode of Your Finances — Know You Can, Wesley Forster, Sr. Financial Strategist at HSI Financial Group is joined by Andrew Owsiak, Financial Strategist at HSI Financial Group. They discuss the benefits of working alongside a financial planning team and what that looks like.



Thinking Long Term with Jean-Pierre (JP) Chevalier, CFA (Ep. 8)

A market correction is similar to weeding the garden, in order to get the desired results you are looking for, you must first get rid of the weeds or they will choke out the growth you really want.


In this episode of Your Finances — Know You Can, Wesley Forster, Senior Financial Strategist at HSI Financial Group, is joined by JP Chevalier, Portfolio Manager at iA Financial Group. They discuss the importance of knowing what you are invested in and strategies they employ for you when the markets are in turmoil.



From Hell to Heaven: How to Improve Your Retirement Picture (Ep. 9)

Retirement can be heaven or it can be hell — and what YOU do to plan makes all the difference.  Without the proper planning tools and guidelines, it is easy to feel stuck and uncertain about your future.  In this episode, Senior Financial Strategist Wesley Forster details what you need to know when planning your retirement and what to avoid along the way. 
Wes discusses:

    • How to manage undetected planning issues
    • Five mindset shifts that help you find your way to a heaven-like retirement
    • How we use our unique curated checklist to assess our clients’ needs
    • HSI Financial Group’s proven 3-step process for helping clients
    • And more!



Your Secret Weapon to Planning Retirement (Ep. 10)

The financial consumer is experiencing high levels of uncertainty with inflation, stock market fluctuations and high interest rates.  Learn how to bulletproof your financial plan in times like these.

In this episode, Wes dives into planning for retirement with his secret weapon, the Financial MRI, which works as a “catch-all” to determine what you might be missing, the gaps that can be filled and what your next steps are.

Wes discusses:

    • How you can take control of your future by sitting down with our financial planners
    • What you should be looking for from a financial planner
    • How a Financial MRI can help you fill those gaps in your financial plan
    • The importance of finding a financial planner that works for you and leaves you feeling confident every step of the way
    • And more!



How Do Top Portfolio Managers Posture During Economic Turmoil with David Fingold (Ep. 11)

Have you ever wondered what a portfolio manager does and how they take advantage of a perceived negative event like a market correction?In this episode, Wes speaks with David Fingold, Vice President and Senior Porfolio Manager with Dynamic Funds, about the asset managers’ role.  David shares his dedication to the portfolios he manages, how he plans to take advantage of the current situation in the market, why he’s optimistic about the current economic environment, and how optimism leads to investment opportunities.


David discusses:

    • How he’s posturing to take advantage of market corrections and rising interest rates
    • How optimism feeds a portfolio manager’s ability to see opportunities in good companies who are market leaders
    • Why investors can be optimistic about the future
    • Why he solely invests in the portfolios he manages
    • And more!