Personalized, comprehensive Financial Plans

that are revisited on a regular basis

Financial Planning

Plan for your future. Attain peace of mind.

A plan is a series of steps designed to help you achieve an objective. Another word

for objective is “goal,” and a goal is defined as a “desired result.” The key word there is “desire.”

Our lives are built around identifying and pursuing our desires. Our desires are determined by our values.

What do we truly care about? What do we need in order to be happy? That is what’s at the heart of a

financial plan – your values, your needs, your desires. A financial plan is a series of steps

designed to help you achieve the things you care about most.

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Financial planning covers a number of areas including:

Financial Planning



Financial Planning



Financial Planning


Financial Planning


Financial Planning


Financial Planning



Retirement Planning

Discover when you can retire and what you need to do to get there.

A retirement plan is just one facet of your overall financial plan.

Everybody’s plan is different, it should be specific to you and

reflect your values and goals. The main step of retirement,

planning is determining what’s important to you.


Only then can we plan out what you’ll actually need for retirement.

Once you have that plan, you’ll know you can retire, you’ll also

know when you can retire, which is just as important!


At HSI, we complete a thorough analysis ensuring you’ll have the

means to fund your retirement while providing different options,

choices, and alternate routes to your destination. We promote

regular reviews and adjustments of your retirement plan as your

goals and values will undoubtedly evolve over time. This is why

we call our dynamic process the Economic Evolution Program.


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What’s Important to you

  • What do you want to get out of retirement?


  • What are your dreams?


  • What are your requirements?


  • What are the obstacles?


  • What do you want to ‘Know You Can’ do?

Investing in your future.

We’ve spent years teaching others how to manage their money and now we’ve made this information more accessible and in-depth through online courses; Economic Evolution Academy. Wes is incorporating his attained skills and sharing them with you in his Financial Success Training Program where his approach is a matter of reaching into the depths of personal emotions that dictate our financial decisions in order for you to achieve lasting financial success. The Economic Evolution Academy will help you put your financial fears and worries to rest and will focus on helping you “Know You Can.”


Tax Planning

Ease the burden of tax planning

An important element in any financial plan is tax planning. This should not be confused

with tax preparation as the terms are not interchangeable. With a tax plan, you’re looking ahead,

determining what your taxes are going to look like. Tax preparation is merely compiling the numbers

on the taxes you’ve already paid. A tax plan helps identify available deductions, tax credits

and planning opportunities in order to abate as much tax as legally possible

so that we can plan the rest of our finances accordingly. Consequently, tax

planning is incorporated into the plans we prepare at HSI.


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Family and Individuals

  • Maximizing use of tax deductions
  • Deferral of taxes
  • Income shifting between family members
  • Tax reduction through appropriate investments
  • Investment analysis and planning
  • Matching investment vehicles with goals and needs
  • Evaluating specific investments
  • Consideration of tax consequences
  • Analysis of risk-return trade off

Small Business and Corporations

  • Increasing after-tax profits
  • Maximizing dollars drawn from the business
  • Minimizing taxes through proper structure of the business
  • Analysis of succession plans
  • Income splitting strategies


Helpful tools to start your financial management journey

Investing doesn’t have to be complicated, let HSI show you how.