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HSI Financial Group

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HSI Financial Group Inc. is built on dedicated, experienced, and knowledgeable personnel who are trained and licensed to offer a broad range of financial services under the direction of President, Wesley Forster. HSI is licensed in B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario.

Our firm prides itself on providing prompt, personal, and highly professional services and is committed to meeting our clients’ financial needs- now and in the future.

Meet the Team

Professional. Experienced. Dedicated.

Wesley Forster

President/Senior Financial Strategist

Wesley Forster has practiced in the financial planning industry since 1984, specializing in retirement planning strategies which integrates with our complete wealth management.  He is a Registered Financial Planner (R.F.P.) and a Certified Financial Planner (CFP).  Wesley identifies the goals and objectives of the client in order to meet pre-retirement and retirement planning needs. He created the Economic Evolution Program and is the author of a book on financial planning: Know You Can: No More Excuses- How to Become Financially Fit in 90 Days.

Warren White

VP/Operations Manager

Warren White has been with HSI since March 1996 after graduating from University of Calgary with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics.  He is a valuable member of the team and upholds the vision/mission of HSI, which is to provide service to our clients that exceeds expectations.  Warren looks after the day-to-day operations of HSI, as well as compliance, internal accounting, office management and business development.

Jordan McClocklin

Financial Services Administrator

Jordan McClocklin’s educational background provides a solid foundation for his position as HSI’s Financial Services Administrator.  Jordan graduated from Saint Mary’s University, with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Economics and Finance.  He is responsible for maintaining client information, assisting in client meetings, handing client requests, and processing and monitoring client transactions.

Chris Fong

Financial Strategist

Chris Fong joined HSI Financial Group in November of 2015 as a Financial Strategist, and has also been a client of HSI for over 20 years. Chris is a graduate of the University of Calgary, with a Bachelors of Commerce Degree.  He has built a solid 20+ year career in Calgary within the Professional Services and Telecommunications Industries, becoming a trusted advisor to the clients he has served in both individual contributor and leadership capacities.

Blake Carruthers

Financial Strategist

Blake Carruthers brings his strong background in numerical analysis and customer service by applying his Bachelor of Arts degree from University of British Columbia in his role of Financial Strategist with HSI.  He is responsible for preparing financial reviews, processing paperwork, streamlining internal processes and addressing client requests.

Natalie Kowalenko

Client Liaison

Natalie Kowalenko is the friendly face that greets our guests at HSI and is the initial contact on the phone.  She ensures computer records are accurately maintained while balancing numerous administrative duties including scheduling of appointments and providing our clients with Red Carpet treatment.

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Know You Can: No More Excuses

How to Become Financially Fit in 90 Days

Drawing on Wesley’s expertise in the finance field as well as his passion as an accomplished pilot, this definitive guide compares making good financial decisions to the fundamentals of flying. Wesley Forster presents a step-by-step resource that will enable anyone to establish the kind of plan that will result in the most valuable asset of all: ongoing peace of mind.

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